Polycentricity (2014)

11. Treffen des Nachwuchsnetzwerkes Stadt Raum Architektur am Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) in Berlin

11th Meeting of the Young Researchers Network “City – Space – Architecture”

Achtung/attention: Neuer Termin/new date: 03.04.2014


POLYCENTRIcity. Various Scales, Various Concepts
The concept of polycentricity refers to patterns of concentration and dispersal. It challenges traditional notions of urban organisation and development that build upon ideas of nested centralities, single dominant growth zones, and the division of territories into core and periphery.

Polycentricity can be discussed in terms of scale and therefore be considered at different territorial levels: inter-regional, such as Europe-wide; intra-regional, such as multiple interconnected urban centres (e.g. Ruhr-Rhine Region, Germany); or intra-urban such as where multiple centralities exist in a single urban area.

The question arises as to what kind of phenomena come into view when talking about polycentricity. Polycentricity is typically discussed with reference to specific case studies such as the Rhine-Ruhr-Area or the Randstad and mostly from a functionalistic and morphological viewpoint. But what happens when polycentricity is opened up to other concepts and theories whether practices of everyday life and discourses, institutionalist approaches, or actor-network theory? In what ways does this change the understanding of phenomena such as increasing urbanization, shrinking cities, and fragmented development, or even specific problems in planning practice such as redensification?

Against this backdrop, the conference seeks to explore the various roles and positions of polycentricity in urban and regional research as well as planning practice, and open the debate to contributions from all disciplines. Therefore, we invite young researchers from different fields of expertise to submit abstracts referring to the following topics:

  • Concepts & Theories – Strengths & Shortcomings
  • Planning Practice – Integrating Different Scales
  • Everyday Life & Discursive Practices
  • Case Studies – Comparing Polycentric Sites

Please submit an abstract of 300-500 words to nwnw11berlin@gmail.com by January 12th, 2014. Include a short CV and indicate which topic you would like to contribute to. Selected candidates will be notified by the beginning of February. The conference will be held in English.

Call as pdf: Call 11.NWNW 2014

03. & 04. April 2014

Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH // Torgauer Straße 12-15 // 10829 Berlin


Donnerstag  03.04.2014

10:00   Begrüßung und Einführung

10:30   Keynote Speaker

11:00  Panel I – Various scales various concepts

  • Clemens Nocker – Non Places and the Polycentric City
  • Kimon-Vincent Krenz – Polycentric Structure of Post-Industrial Regions and Their Influence on Urban Shrinkage

12:00  Mittagspause

13:00  Panel II – various scales various concepts continued

  • Marko Marskamp – Assembling Polycentricity: A Comparatice Study of Planning Tools and Concepts in Practice
  • Stephan Tischler – The role of polycentricity in Alpine Regions analyzed by the alternating interference between mobility, space and human activities

14:00  Kaffeepause

14:30  Panel III – case studies

  • Vanessa Hünnemeyer – Planning Practice – Integrating different scales / Ruhr Area
  • Olimpia Cermasi – Modena: a poly centric “territorial city” in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  • Uta Merkle – Processes of Transformation and Regional Governance in the Polycentric Metropolitan Region Kansai

16:00  Kaffeepause

16:30 Abschlussdiskussion und Netzwerkplenum

18:30 Ausklang mit Essen und Getränken

Freitag  04.04.2014

10:30  Führung: Complementary tour through Berlin

  • Monkey Business // Insel der Jugend
  • anschließend gemeinsames Mittagsessen

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  • Giulia Montanari
  • Valentin Jahn
  • Emilie Kleinszig
  • Christina Schraml